Audience Response is an exceptional tool for Sales Meetings, Focus Groups, New Product Testing, General Breakout Sessions, Employee Feedback, Advisory Groups, Team Building, Strategic Planning, Education & Training, and a variety of Game Shows.

GSA Interactive offers turn-key audience response packages to fit any size group. We can accommodate a single session in one location, multiple sessions in a single location, or multiple sessions in different cities and states. GSA can also link multiple sites together into one single session! Groups can range in size from as few as even one keypad, up to as many as 25,000 keypads across the country.

Our Audience Response Systems use the latest in interactive technology with keypads that are extremely accurate and user friendly.

The most valuable part of what ARS achieves is not just the interaction of the audience pressing buttons on their keypads, but the measurable results that the technology allows you to compile.

The keypads can be assigned to specific people or they can be used anonymously. By carefully selecting your questions, the responses can be compiled and organized in any imaginable way. This data is priceless for an organization, as it can pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, give an overview of employee knowledge, or give crucial feedback on how employees feel about a specific topic or event.

GSA Interactive offers cost-effective wireless audience response with maximum ROI. Your return on investment is instant, real-time information that is priceless for your company.

Take a look at one of our past client's reaction to ARS:
"First, the ARS system moved my presentation from a monologue to a dialogue. They stopped being an audience and quickly became participants in my program. They were engaged throughout and the event reached a whole new plateau of success. Second, Matt knew the intricacies of the ARS technology so thoroughly that no one ever questioned how well it would work. We told him what we wanted to do with the audience feedback and he made it happen. He sliced and diced the feedback in real time to give us insight into the audience's opinions that we could immediately act upon. It was instantaneous." - Cam Marston, Generational Insights

GSA Interactive provides you with a complete audience response solution. Prior to the event, GSAI works with you to ensure all of your questions are ready to go for the event. We can also provide custom graphics to fit the theme of your event. If you have your own graphics, we can easily import them into our system. GSAI enters all of the questions into our system on both a main and backup computer. We also have the content backed-up at our office, just in case. We will arrive early at your event to set-up all of our equipment. This allows us to make sure everything is running smoothly. For each event we bring: two laptop computers (main and backup), main and backup keypad receivers, all necessary keypads, and spare keypads. After the event, GSAI will provide you with the complete results from the session in PPT, PDF, and Excel formats.

For most events, all that is required for GSAI is a table for our equipment and technician, a wall outlet for power, a single SVGA line from the tech area to your projector, and an XLR line from the tech area to your audio mixer. If you would like us to provide the A/V equipment, GSAI can provide you with a quote.


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