How It Works

Here's how a typical audience response session works:


Ask your audience a question. Question formats can be: multiple choice, true/false, yes/no, and ranking.


Poll theaudience. Each member of the audience uses a wireless keypad to transmit their answer to the computer and receivers backstage. Keypads are lightweight, low-profile, and verify that the answer key is depressed.


Display the results. Correct answers and rankings are displayed instantly on any video screen with a variety of customizable colors and backgrounds that can incorporate your company's graphics. Wireless audience keypads can be assigned by name, ID number, or team. The keypads can also be used anonymously to encourage involvement and the highest degree of truthfulness.


Manage your results. By asking demographic questions, the results can be sorted into spreadsheet and graphical formats so you can analyze the data. Because the results are instantaneous, you can organize the results by any criteria you wish for an even greater in-depth analysis of the information, creating additional sessions or discussions based on your results from previous sessions. This is where your ROI truly pays off.


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